Getting a NT Provisional Licence


Getting a NT Provisional Licence

In the Northern Territory, your very first licence will be provisional for 2 years (1 year if you are 25 years or older), and if at any time during that time your licence is cancelled or suspended, the full provisional period starts all over again on reissue. Also, in some cases, a court may order an additional provisional period when the licence holder is convicted of certain traffic offences.

There are 3 ways that candidates may obtain a provisional licence in the NT – by passing a practical driving test at a MVR outlet, by successfully completing the METAL Basic and Intermediate courses (motorcycles and mopeds only) or through another approved training course.

Whether you undertake the MVR practical test or an approved training course, the basic knowledge and skills you must achieve will be the similar. Obtaining your provisional licence will ultimately be based on your ability to demonstrate consistent and appropriate use of the System of Vehicle Control.

Skills required include an understanding of the major controls of a motor vehicle, completing certain low speed manoeuvres, safe and efficient driving in busy traffic and at higher speeds, observation skills and dealing with hazards. Driver assessment processes have been designed to be fair and consistent.